Peace is all around us. We just need to choose to tune in…


World Symphony for Peace Trailer

World Symphony for Peace follows
songwriter, composer and peace advocate
Morris Haye’s insightful and soulful journey
around the world on a quest to connect
people through the universal
language of music.

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During my 20 years of touring the world with Prince he would look out at the audience and
say “Why is it that you people of different colors, creed, cultures can get together and groove in here,
but when you leave you can’t seem to get along?”
I learned the unifying POWER of music from Prince,
and I will continue his legacy through World Symphony for Peace,
showing the peoples of the world can CHOOSE
to groove inside the arena AND outside too!
– Morris Hayes


World Symphony for Peace follows songwriter, composer and peace advocate Morris Hayes’ around the world on a quest to connect people through the universal language of music. The feature length documentary seeks to explore using music as a means to bring about peace.  It begs us to look at why we don’t employ powerful forms of art such as music to relate to each other and thus solve our differences.

Filming began in Shanghai, China – Spring of 2016 documenting Mr. Hayes on the first stop of his global journey. Journeying through six continents in search of indigenous sounds Morris is co-composing music with local musicians. The documentary will culminate with this tapestry of sound being woven into a modern symphony

Mr. Hayes is taking the energy that is generated as he travels the globe and channeling it into his call to action which is for everyone in their daily lives to “choose harmony.”

World Symphony Tour – Album

Upon completion of the documentary, World Symphony for Peace will tour globally and an album of the
compositions will be available for purchase. Below are clips from Mr. Haye’s original compositions.


The Whisper Composed by Morris Hayes

Life In The Water Composed by Morris Hayes

Long Way Composed by Morris Hayes


THE NEED: Fracture global communities. Dissonance and discord resonate.

TUNING IN: Peace is all around us, choose to tune it in.

AMPLIFYING THE GOOD: Diminish negativity.

CHOOSE HARMONY: Inspire everyone to change their channel to peace.

Each day we all play a part in an improvised world symphony of human interaction…

Every moment we have the power to select the next note…

To set the tone…

To choose the chord…

To build a bridge…

Which note do you choose?

I choose harmony.


The healing process can start with one person – for it to grow and spread it needs you. Putting your name behind this project not only links you to gracious individuals and generous institutions, it marks your commitment of change the channel to peace.


We are seeking corporate and in-kind sponsors who are looking for compelling, authentic ways to connect their core constituency. For a custom consultation on corporate and in-kind sponsorship opportunities, contact Kathy Green, Corporate Partners Project Lead.


App | Live Education Events | Online Resources
World Symphony for Peace is developing an education program utilizing music as a tool to teach how a
kinder and gentler approach to our daily interactions will lead to a more peaceful and harmonious planet.


Follow along on his global journey as Mr. Hayes travels to each continent in search or indigenous
sounds. Mr. Hayes will compose original music with local musicians on six continents.


  • “When I watch his work and when I hear what he does, I’m humbled every time.”

    JJ Abrams, Film director
  • “Morris would do whatever it took to get the job done right.”

  • “He’s a top notch musician, a top noch computer programmer, an all-around nice guy and he makes you laugh.”

    Maceo Parker, Sax Legend
  • “Even among the best, Morris stands out.”

    Shaun Robinson, Emmy award-winning journalist, producer, authot, activist, and philanthropist
  • “The greatest are great because Morris is around.”

    Alston Koch, Asia’s king of Pop, And un global artist of the year
  • “ Morris Hayes is “ fearless, amazing, creative and such a musical icon.”

    Sanaa Hamri, film director
  • “ One of the last grand Renaissance men in our time… a towering artist, exemplary educator, rigorous scholar, courageous freedo

    Dr. Cornel
  • “ In the history of most of Western music culture, the works which came from its own time were perfectly made with what needed to come forward. Bill’s music and work fits these criteria; his music is well made for the times.”

    Gunther Schuller
  • “ Peace us not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King