Creative Director/ 2nd unit director

Antoine Breton is the co-founder and creative Head of G2S, since 2006. He created G2S with Executive Producer Karen Fang in order to develop and sustain his vision of the creative industry.
Antoine is a French multi-talented artist and entrepreneur. His skills range from being a filmmaker, writer,
photographer, camera operator, video editor, music composer & designer. His approach and input into these
different areas permit him to understand technically and creatively all the projects he is involved in.
Antoine strongly believes in integrated solutions/concept/products and for many years believed that a creative
agency & a production house should be one complete entity in order to create and follow up closely on the entire
process, thus serving the client more wholly. He came in China because he knew that it was the only place where
avant-garde & cutting projects could be developed with a different approach and subsequently founded G2S. He’sresponsible for the concept development and direction of most of the projects produced by G2S.
As a director, he has directed short movies, music videos, viral videos, documentaries, advertising & corporate
videos, TV commercials and animations 2D/3D.